Team Members

Andrew A. Rosenberg

Professor, Natural Resources Policy and Management


  • History of Marine Animal Populations (Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, 2001-2005).
  • The monitoring and evaluation of marine protected areas. (NOAA, 2002-2003).
  • Development of a fisherman designed logbook. (NOAA/NMFS, 2002-2003).
  • Understanding interactions between wild and escaped cultured Atlantic salmon (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2001-2003).
  • Review of West Coast Groundfish surveys (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2001-2003).
  • Cachalot; historical analysis of the fisheries for great whales. (NOAA Ocean Exploration, 2003).
  • Census of Marine Life Gulf of Maine Project (Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, 2003).

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

  • NR 795/895: Marine Resource Management Problems of the Northwest Atlantic
  • ZOOL 772/872: Fisheries Biology

Selected Publications

  • Rosenberg, Andrew A., W. Jeffrey Bolster, Karen E. Alexander, William B. Leavenworth, Andrew B. Cooper, Matthew G. McKenzie. 2005. "The history of ocean resources: modeling cod biomass using historical records." Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 3(2): 84-90.
  • Rosenberg, A. A. 2003. "Managing to the margins: the overexploitation of fisheries." Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 1(2): 102-106.
  • Rosenberg, A. A. 2003. "Multiple uses of marine ecosystems." Pg 189-196 In Sinclair, M. and G. Valdimarsson (eds). Responsible fisheries in the marine ecosystem. CAB International. Oxford University Press.
  • Rosenberg, A. A. 2002. "The precautionary approach from a manager's perspective." Bulletin of Marine Science. 70:577-588.
  • Rosenberg, A. A., T. E. Bigford, S. Leathery, R. L. Hill and K. Bickers 2000. "Ecosystem approaches to fishery management through essential fish habitat." Bulletin of Marine Science. 66(3): 535-542.
  • Maguire, J. J. , R Hilborn, A. Parma and A. A. Rosenberg. 2000. "The precautionary approach and risk management: can they increase the probability of successes in fishery management? Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 58:99-107
  • Rosenberg , A. A.1998. "Controlling marine fisheries 50 years from now." Journal of Northwest Atlantic Fishery Science, 23:95-103
  • Myers, R. A., N. J. Barrowman, J.A. Hutchings, and A. A. Rosenberg. 1995. "Population dynamics of exploited fish stocks at low population levels." Science 269:1106-1108.
  • Rosenberg, A. A. and V. R. Restrepo. 1994. "Uncertainty and risk evaluation in stock assessment advice for U. S. marine fisheries." Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 51:2715-2720
  • Myers, R. A., A. A. Rosenberg, P. Mace, N. Barrowman, and V. Restrepo. 1994. "In search of thresholds for recruitment overfishing." ICES Journal of Marine Science 51:191-205.
  • Rosenberg, A. A., M. J. Fogarty, M. P. Sissenwine, J. R. Beddington and J.G. Shepherd. 1993. "Achieving sustainable use of renewable resources." Science 262: 828-829.


  • 1984 Ph.D. (Biology), Dalhousie University
  • 1980 M.S. (Oceanography), Oregon State University
  • 1978 B.S. (Fisheries Biology), University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Selected Service Activities

  • Commissioner, U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy
  • UNH Sea Grant Advisory Board
  • UNH Marine Program Board Senior Fellow and Advisor to the World Wildlife Fund
  • Advisor to the Fisheries Minister of Iceland
  • Board of Scientific Advisors for Communication Partnership for Science and the Sea
  • Invited speaker for the Congressional Ocean Caucus
  • Reviewer for the Higher Education Authority of Ireland
  • NOAA Coastal Ocean Program Proposal Review Panel

W. Jeffrey Bolster

Associate Professor of History

Current Research

  • African American and Caribbean identify-formation, acculturation, and social life
  • Environmental History of the New England Fisheries
  • Maritime History of New England

Selected Publications

  • (editor) Cross-Grained and Wily Waters: A guide to the Piscataqua Maritime Region (Portsmouth, NH: 2002).
  • Black Jacks: African American Seamen in the Age of Sail (1997).
  • "'To Feel Like a Man': Black Seamen in the Northern States, 1800-1860." Journal of American History 76 (March, 1990).
  • "An Inner Diaspora: Black Sailors Marking Selves," in Through a Glass Darkly: Reflections on Self in Early America, eds. Ronald Hoffman, et al.
  • (Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture, 1997).
  • (with Hilary Anderson) Soldiers, Sailors, Slaves, and Ships: The Civil War Photographs of Henry P. Moore (New Hampshire Historical Society, Concord, 1999).


  • Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University


  • Fulbright Distinguished Chair in American Studies, University of Southern Denmark, 2002-2003
  • James H. Hayes and Claire Short Hayes Chair in the Humanities, UNH
  • National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship
  • National Museum of American History Fellowship (Smithsonian)
  • Paul Cuffe Fellowship (Mystic Seaport Museum)
  • Binkley-Stephenson Award (JAH)
  • Louis Pelzer Memorial Award (JAH)
  • Hortense Cavis Shepherd Professorship, 1995-1998, "to recognize outstanding untenured members of the teaching faculty" at UNH
  • New York Times Book Review "Notable Book" award, 1997
  • Co-winner of the A.H.A.'s Wesley-Logan book prize, 1998
  • Assocation of American Publishers award for History, 1998
  • John Lyman Book Award for maritime history, 1997

Film and Television

Consultant for six history or video projects, including:

  • "Columbus and the Age of Discovery" PBS-TV
  • Discovery TV's "Slave Ship"

W. B. Leavenworth


  • 1999 Ph.D. (University of New Hampshire), Early American History. Dissertation: The Ship in the Forest: New England Maritime Industries and the Coastal Environment, 1630-1850.
  • 1990 M.A. (University of New Hampshire Munson Institute of American Maritime Studies), Early American History
  • 1970-1975 Graduate Studies (University of Maine), Comparative Literature
  • 1969-1970 (Karl-Ruprecht Universität), German Studies
  • 1966 A.B. (Hamilton College), English


  • 1995-96 Dissertation Fellowship
  • 1994 Phi Alpha Theta Graduate History Honor Society President
  • 1990 Hardin Craig Prize, Munson Institute

Work Experience:

  • Contract researcher for Gulf of Maine Cod Project February 2001-2005.
  • Adjunct Instructor of New England Environmental History for the New England Maritime Studies Consortium, Boston 1999-present
  • Antiquarian bookseller 1975-present
  • Woodlot owner and manager, New England and Indiana 1954-present
  • Relief captain on windjammers, yacht delivery 2000-present
  • Contract researcher in Colonial History, New Hampshire Office of the Attorney General: NHvME Supreme Court Case 1999- 2000
  • Captain, mate and deckhand on large traditional sailing vessels and other commercial vessels 1977-1996
  • Adjunct instructor, Dept. of Natural Resources, UNH 1995
  • Owned & operated a day charter boat 1981-1987
  • Fished for herring off of Seabrook, on seiner Western Star 1980, fall season
  • Research assistant on Woods Hole research vessel, investigating Gulf Stream eddies 1967

Academic Papers, Short Stories and Poems:

  • "The Changing Landscape of Maritime Resources in Seventeenth-Century New England" International Journal of Maritime History, Vol. XX, No. 1, June 2008, pp. 33-62.
  • "'Killing fishing, this.' Tradition, Competition and Technology on the Scotian Shelf, 1852-1860" Studia Atlantica 8, The North Atlantic Fisheries: Supply, Marketing and Consumption, 1560-1990, 2006,  pp. 29-49.
  • "Nathaniel Bowditch," Encyclopaedia Of New England Culture, New Haven: Yale University Press, 2005, pp. 1058-59.
  • "Shipwrecks," Encyclopaedia Of New England Culture, New Haven: Yale University Press, 2005, pp. 1065-66.
  • "Bay Saint Mary/In the Cove," poem, performed by Gordon Bok on his CD Apples in the Basket (Timberhead Music, 2005)
  • Rosenberg, A. A., W. Jeffrey Bolster, Karen E. Alexander, William B. Leavenworth, Andrew B. Cooper, Matthew G. McKenzie. 2005. "The History of Ocean Resources: Modeling Cod Biomass Using Historical Records" Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 2:3, 85-90.
  • "Shipbuilding," Cross-Grained and Wily Waters: a Guide to the Piscataqua Maritime Region, W. Jeffrey Bolster, ed. (Portsmouth, NH: Peter Randall Press, 2002).
  • "Masting on the Piscataqua, 1641-1815," Cross-Grained and Wily Waters: a Guide to the Piscataqua Maritime Region, W. Jeffrey Bolster, ed. (Portsmouth, NH: Peter Randall Press, 2002).
  • The Ship in the Forest: New England Maritime Industries and the Coastal Environment, 1630-1850. PhD. Diss. (Durham, NH: University of New Hampshire, 1999).
  • "Ecumenical Curiosity and Engaging Narrative: a Survey of the Work of Charles Ralph Boxer," Portuguese Studies Review 1991, 1:1, 30-47.
  • Review of Profits in the Wilderness by John Frederick Martin, Retrospection IV(1) 1991.
  • Review of War and Society in Colonial Connecticut by Harold E Selesky, Retrospection III(2) 1990.
  • "All in a Day's Catch," Cruising World 1990:(July), 21-3.
  • "Sparring Partners," Down East Magazine 26:4 (1979), 78-61.
  • "Fiddler's Green," Down East Magazine 25:5, (1979) 44-5 and 60-1.
  • "The Great Schooner Race," Down East Magazine 24:11 (1978), 76-82.
  • "Three 'Junk' Homecoming," Down East Magazine 23:6 (1977), 42-3.
  • "The Deer's Apprentice," Down East Magazine 22:4 (1976), 32-6.

Karen Alexander


  • University of New Hampshire History ABD 1997
  • University of New Hampshire History MA 1992
  • Munson Institute of American Maritime Studies 1989, 1985
  • Auburn University Mathematics BS 1973

Work Experience

  • Project Coordinator, Gulf of Maine Cod Project 2002-present
  • Computer consultant, spreadsheet designer, and researcher on the cod fishery in the Gulf of Maine, History of Marine Animal Populations, 2001-2
  • Professor of History and Mathematics, College of Lifelong Learning 1996-present
  • Fashion Consultant, Beju, Market St. Portsmouth NH
  • Cartographic Expert, New Hampshire Department of Justice, U.S. Supreme Court Case No. 130, NHvME, 1999-2001
  • Antiquarian Bookseller, Book Guild of Portsmouth, Exeter Rare Books,
  • Hardings Books 1983-1999
  • Lead Interpreter, Strawbery Banke Museum 1987
  • Field Operative and Team Co-Supervisor, Gypsy Moth Integrated Pest Management Program: Maryland State Department of Agriculture, Annapolis, MD. 1986
  • Volunteer, Museum Teacher at Mystic Seaport 1976-8, 1980-3
  • Quality Control Technician, Non-Destructive Testing, Stellite Division of Cabot Corp., Kokomo, IN. 1973-4

Publications as Author

  • "Lighthouses of New England," in The Encyclopedia of New England Culture, forthcoming.
  • A.A Rosenberg, W. J. Bolster, K. E. Alexander, W. B. Leavenworth, A. B. Cooper, M. G. McKenzie, "History of Ocean Resources: Modeling Cod Biomass Using Historical Records," in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 2(3) 2005, 83-90.
  • "Charting the Piscataqua" and "The Lamprey River", in Cross-Grained and Wily Waters, W. Jeffrey Bolster, ed. (Portsmouth, NH: Peter Randall Press, 2002).
  • New Hampshire's Map Lodging for Oral Argument, U.S. Supreme Court No. 130, NHvME, April 16, 2001.
  • Lodging in Support of Motion for Leave to File Complaint, U.S. Supreme Court No. 130, NHvME, March, 2000.
  • Appendices to New Hampshire's Petition for Rehearing, Volume II, U.S. Supreme Court No. 130, NHvME, June, 2001.
  • "Women at Sea," in The Encyclopedia of the Literature of the Sea and the Great Lakes, Jill Gidmark, ed. (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2001).
  • "Review of White Slaves, African Masters," by Paul Baepler," in Journal of the Early Republic, 20:3 (Fall, 2000).
  • "Mendes Pinto's Peregrinação and Cabeza de Vaca's Relación: Pilgrimages to find God at the Ends of the World", in Portuguese Studies Review VI:2 (1998), 81-91.
  • "Echoes From the Wilderness, Voices from the Frontier: Franklin's Diligent Writers", in Retrospection III:2 (1990), 80-4.

Publications as Editor

  • Walt Kuhn, Paintings, Drawings, Prints: A Study of Related Work, by Efram L. Burk. (Orono, ME: University of Maine Honors Program and the Museum of Art, 1989).
  • Washington Street Eatery Cook Book, by Kathleen Tolagian and Lu-Ann Paquette. (Portsmouth, NH: The Washington Street Eatery, 1988).
  • "Effects of Simulated Tobacco Hornworm (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae) Defoliation on Growth Dynamics and Physiology of Tobacco as Evidence of Plant Tolerance to Leaf Consumption", by Douglas M. Kolodny-Hirsh, James A. Saunders and Floyd Harrison in Environmental Entomology 15: 6 (1986), 1137-44.
  • Journal of a Cruise to the Pacific Ocean, by David Porter; Robert D. Madison and Karen Hamon (Alexander), eds. (Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1986).

Posters and Graphic Designs:

  • Brochure and poster, program and History Department information pamphlet for the "Making Sense of the Twentieth Century: Historical Perspectives on Modern America" Conference, held at UNH, April 16-17, 1999.
  • Brochure and poster, and program for the "Native American Communities: Adaptation, Preservation, Renewal" Conference, held at UNH, April 25-26, 1997.

Favorite retail experience — Fred and Ginger. Beju (boutique), Portsmouth NH, 1997.

One late evening in the summer, two couples who had never meet before, at the same instant, started waltzing in pirouettes around the racks of women's clothing to a Harry Belafonte song playing on the stereo. I swayed to the rhythm behind the counter and at the end we all laughed at the wonder of shared exuberance.

Favorite history experience — A Peregrination. Little Gaddesden, UK, 1993.

Bill Leavenworth and I presented a paper on the works of CR Boxer at the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance Conference in Cambridge, UK. Afterwards, Professor Boxer, the preeminent historian of the Portuguese and Dutch Empires, invited us to his home for a chat in his library. We drove to a village of cottages bedecked with late summer flowers, the Norman church tower close by. Professor Boxer graciously answered our questions, signed books for us, and showed us his library and collection of antiquities collected over most of the 20th-century. He asked us to stay for tea. I poured. Then we went to admire the last few perfect roses blooming in his garden.

Favorite science experience — Eureka. Boston MA, 2002.

At the AAAS Annual Meeting, Daniel Pauly presented a paper examining the amount and geographic distribution of fish caught over the 20th-century and the dire implications of shrinking catch and restricted distribution for important food fish species. Looking at Pauly's maps convinced us UNH historians in attendance that cod catch from 19th-century fishing logs could be examined in the same way.

Stefan Claesson

Research Scientist

Research Interests

Urban waterfront and shipwreck archaeology, submerged prehistoric archaeology, history of fishing, cultural resource management, sustainable development of cultural heritage, waterfront planning and development.


  • B. S. Archaeological Studies, Boston University, 1992
  • B. A. Psychology, Boston University, 1992
  • M. A. Anthropology, Texas A&M University, 1998
  • Ph.D. Candidate, Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, University of New Hampshire

Professional Activities

  • Fund for the Preservation of Maine's Maritime Heritage, Advisor.
  • Institute of Maritime History, Founder, 1995; Board of Directors, 1995-2005.

Current Projects

  • Sustainable Development of Maritime Cultural Resources in the Gulf of Maine
  • Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Historical and Cultural Resources
  • Mapping Historic Fishing Grounds in the Gulf of Maine and Northwest Atlantic Ocean
  • Rainsford Island (Boston Harbor) Archaeological Survey
  • Fishing Heritage Festivals and Coastal Community Development in the Gulf of Maine

Selected Publications, Presentations, Papers, and Reports

  • "Mapping Paleo-Coastlines and Cultural Resources in Boston Harbor, MA." Voices From the Deep: Recent Advances in the Study and Management of Native North America’s Submerged Cultural Resources. Montreal: Society for American Archaeology, 69th Annual Meeting, 2004.
  • “On the Shores of the Maghreb-el-Aqsa: The 1999 Survey of Tangier Bay, Morocco”. Eds. Yacoub Y. Al-Hijji and Vassilios Christides. Aspects of Arab Seafaring: An Attempt to Fill in the Gaps of Maritime History. Athens: Institute of Graeco-Oriental and African Studies, 2002.
  • Feasibility Study for the Development of Software Applications for Cultural Heritage Management. Report for the Department of Transportation, Small Business Innovative Research Program, 2002.
  • “A Preliminary Report on the Excavation of a Nineteenth-Century Derelict Vessel in Cape Neddick, Maine: The Southern New Jersey Coasting Schooner Annabella.” Northeast Historical Archaeology 26 (1997): 39-62.